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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Lucky Block Spiral is one of the craziest mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition, because it contains more than 200 different objects, structures and mobs. You are completely dependent on luck and every attempt can enrich you or kill you. This lucky block is distinguished by a huge number of items starting with weapons and armor and ending with sweets and unusual mobs. The principle of the Lucky Block Spiral has not changed, you just need to break the block and wait for the reward.

Ported by Electric Games
Changes in v1.0.4:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.2.
New mobs: Tiny terror, Astral Creeper, Lucky Wolf, Boby Baby.
New dagger, ax, sword and festive cracker.
Candys, chupa chups and other sweets as well as delicious food.
New rockets.
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)

There is a random chance and you can not find out what you get in the end. The mod works in multiplayer mode, so you and your friends can play this wonderful roulette. Some items do not work and can only be used as a decoration.

Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)


Spiral death set
Spiral slime set
Spiral wood set
Spiral flame set

New mobs:

Gigant Zombie
Killer bunny

Items and some weapons:

Candies (more than 10 kinds)
Triple bow (shoots fire arrows at high speed)
Coral chainsaw
Transparent block
Lucky bow
Dungeon coin
Spiral key
Spiral material
A lot of potions
Crimson cutter
More than 50 new blocks

Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Lucky Block Spiral mod (Minecraft PE 1.2)

In addition to objects, you can spawn whole structures. Inside there may be useful objects or hostile mobs. Some structures can immobilize or bind you. You will only have a few seconds to make the right decision otherwise the oxygen or lava may burn you.

How to install the Lucky Block Spiral mod?

1. Download the mod and install BlockLauncher.
2. Import the mod (.modpkg).

Download Lucky Block Spiral mod for Minecraft PE
Download Lucky Block Spiral mod v1.0.4 for MCPE 1.2


Adriano (16 June 2022 07:51)
Group: Guest
U que porra
Christian Kin Kevhin (23 March 2021 22:38)
Group: Guest
Sometimes it haves new thing in this mod.
Guest Alex (21 May 2020 13:49)
Group: Guest
Luki blocks pto
David Urbanek (11 September 2019 12:24)
Group: Guest
user (10 August 2019 18:19)
Group: Guest
Great job
João Carlos (27 May 2019 09:47)
Group: Guest
Foda gostosa dando para dois adultos que foram enviados na semana passada
Quinn (11 May 2019 07:59)
Group: Guest
I downloaded the mod but i dont know what to do it fails on block launcher
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