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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

Minions are excellent assistants who will be added to your game. This is not the usual mobs with replaced texture, they are the real companions performing various tasks. You will be pleasantly surprised when 5 minions will do different routine tasks for you. In addition, the minions have babies, they will love you :) .

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

Minions mod v4:

New mob Gru and new sounds.

You are incredibly lucky because an evil genius will be your friend. Yes, maybe he was not very good and did various dirty tricks but now he has changed and is ready to come to your rescue at any moment. Gru always protects his minion friends and can rebuff the evil ones. Give him a bow and he will become your protector.

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

Minions mod v3:

New sounds when interacting with minions.
New UUIDs and names of objects.
Available languages: Spanish, English (US and UK).
Minions mod v2:
Added evil minions (purple), read the description about it below.

How to tame a minion?

You will have some difficulties, because the minions are found only in the nether world. You will have to visit this sinister place, or you can spawn them using spawn eggs (which simplifies the task, isn't it?). Once you have found or spawn of your future assistant, feed him a carrot (now it is a banana). There is some chance of a successful taming (33 per cent).

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

If you have successfully tamed a minion, then you can give him different tasks or use commands (for example, waiting for you).

How to give a job?

There are 6 different jobs that can be performed by tamed creatures. For example, if you give him the ax, it will cut down trees, and later comes back to you and gives extracted resources. It is very convenient because now you do not have to spend time on the extraction of resources, minions do it for you.

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

Available jobs:

Hunting: give him a sword, and it will start to hunt for animals.
Wood extraction: give him an ax (it is desirable to be in a forest).
Ore extraction: give him a pick and soon you will get different ore.
Hoe: minion will prepare the ground for planting.
Extraction of ground: give him a shovel and look for the process.
The last feature is the fishing. Give him a fishing rod, and soon you will get food.

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

You just need to wait for about a few minutes after you give a job to your minion. Then the minion will return and give everything that is extracted.

How to get bananas for taming?

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

You will see real bananas instead of carrots. Grow bananas in the fields as before and use it to tame.

How to spawn the evil minions?

Evil minion weaker than tamed one and will attack all living creatures except hostile mobs. Additionally it can turn into a good or wild minion using various potions. Just throw a poisonous potion in it and it becomes an evil purple minions (a few seconds). Remember the purple minion will attack you until it dies or will not be tamed.

Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1

Also, purple minions will attack yellow ones and turns them into similar to themselves. Therefore, protect the good minion and always keep the potion f weaknesses in the inventory. Evil minions spawn everywhere in the ordinary world, and can turn into tamed and wild minions. Perhaps in the next update, minions will have their own voice and action sounds.

How to install the Minions mod?

Download the archive and unpack it.
Start the game and activate the downloaded files in the world settings.

Download Minions mod v1 for Minecraft PE 1.0 (0.17.0)
Download Minions mod v2 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.0.4
Download Minions mod v3 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1
Download Minions mod v4 for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/1.1


Alex henrique chaves veiga (17 January 2017 09:54)
Group: Guest
Legal muito top
nadian (7 January 2017 07:21)
Group: Guest
Es s?per bueno este modos me encanta
Joep Dohmen (6 January 2017 09:09)
Group: Guest
Nice mod site.
Rosana Silverio Camahuali (4 January 2017 05:20)
Group: Guest
Quiero el mod de minions

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