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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.1

Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.1

To quickly move you always need some creature and the Chocobo addon for MCPE just adds it to the game. Please welcome, Chocobo from the popular video game (many know what it is about). This chicken-ostrich hybrid is quite useful if you travel often on foot, as well as jump on the rocks and other hills.

Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.1

With the Chocobo you can several times faster to reach the destination on the map or fall from the mountains because your new friend will not take damage after falls. You will hear new realistic sounds and the correct names of objects.

Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.1

How to tame the Chocobo?

Grow potatoes, beets or carrots and feed any of these vegetables to it. Also if your pet health has little, then it can be restored using the same vegetable. Note: The second version of the addon contains a special fruit that must be fed to ur Chocobo for taming. Also use Gysahl to restore health or breed your pet.

Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.1
Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.1

How to ride?

Thanks to the recent update, riding a Chocobo is fairly simple and can not be even easier. Just go to it and tap on the Ride button. Carrot on the stick is no longer required, the control is simplified and it's like how you ride a normal horse. But the difference between the two animals exists: Chokobo is faster and stronger, and also jumps high.

Do not forget about the slots that work like a car trunk. Each Chocobo is equipped with its own chest designed to store any things. But if Chokobo dies, all the things in the chest disappear.

How to install the Chocobo addon?

Gona (addon creator) has created 7 similar addons but with one difference. Each addon includes a unique Chocobo color, you'll find all of them in the archive, choose only one.

Extract the desired color and behavior file.
Activate these files (world or game settings).

Download Chocobo addon for Minecraft PE 1.0.0 / 0.17.0
Download Chocobo addon v2 for Minecraft PE 1.1 [4.01 Mb]


RandomPerson123 (2 April 2017 17:19)
Group: Guest
Can you make the chocobos replace horses, so we can have a variety of colors?

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