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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0

Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0

After installation Super Mario mod, you get 15 new block-elements in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14! With their help you will be able to create different structures and parkour levels. Created levels will be almost the same as in the game Super Mario! The mod is based on the Super Mario game, and now you have the ability to create a Mario map in Minecraft PE!

Super Mario mod creates unique function for standard blocks with which you are already familiar, if long enough to play in the MCPE. Nine blocks are simply decorative. These blocks are designed for decorating your parkour levels.

Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0

The other six blocks have interesting properties that are necessary to create parkour maps!

Emerald block - start level
Redstone block - end level
Gold block - by touching the bottom of the blockthe player gets a coin.
Jumping mushroom - block changes the jump height in 6 blocks!
Spikes - take one heart and you will go to the last checkpoint.

Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0

Demo map

You are likely to be interesting to see how these blocks work on a ready map. Blocks available only in creative mode.

Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0
Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0
Super Mario mod + map for MCPE 0.14.0

How to get the blocks in survival?

Download Simple Commands and type the command: / give .

Example: / give 200 64 - we get 64 bricks.

Download super-mario-mod.rar


Rosalina789 (27 May 2016 15:24)
Group: Guest
Click Super Mario mod rar
Ahmad (7 April 2016 17:18)
Group: Guest
It's good I love it

Good I love Mario it's my favorite game back in the day so can I download it
SkyblockJeSuper (28 March 2016 04:55)
Group: Guest
How to download this mode?

How to download this mode?

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