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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0

Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0

This mod adds to the game 14 birds, which you can spawn by using special items. Also this mod adds a few new items and armor. You will find a variety of birds - from harmless parrot and ending with a mega-robot chicken, which is incredibly huge.

Item name (ID) - crafting recipes:

Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0


Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0
Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0
Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0
Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0

Unfortunately mobs do not automatically spawn in the world. I hope the author will develop this mod and not throw it: 3


Download the file from the link below .
First install "Birds Texture Pack 0.13.0" texture.
Restart launcher.
Install mod / script "birds mod 0.13.0".

Download Birds mod for MCPE 0.13.0


Averil ( squirrel cat owl lover ) (13 April 2016 12:04)
Group: Guest
I'm gonna try it out! Thanks! Also, I love squirrels ALOT, so think about all right? And I love that you added owl, another fave. Animal. And flamingos are my 2nd favorite, so thanks. And i love cats.... So you could add more types of cats. lol

So I love this mod. love

you're awesome makers!
Love ya! love

Have'n fun talk'n 'bout it lol

How do I download it? sad I can't understand what it's saying recourse

so answer?
Darkknight101 (10 December 2015 00:07)
Group: Guest
I'm so glad I installed this mod
Mateusz (9 December 2015 11:42)
Group: Guest
Zak (7 December 2015 10:44)
Group: Guest
This mod is one of the best mods ever I love it!! You should definitely get it!

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