» » SecurityCraft mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.X

SecurityCraft mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.X

This mod will be able to create a couple of new and very useful mechanism. They will protect you and your home from all kinds of uninvited guests.

SecurityCraft mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.X

The main feature - a security door that can be opened only by using a special card. Only your character will have the card. Also modification includes reinforced blocks and more.

Item IDs:

Card (ID 404)
Plastic (ID 411)
Latex (ID 412)
Powder Rubber (ID 384)
Latex Extractor ID (90)
Exchange Block ID (140)
Wood Stuck Rubber (255)
Rubber Wood (ID 165)
Rubber Wood Latex (ID 168)
Sandstone (ID 28)
Snow Block (ID 69)
Glass (ID 249)
Stone Brick (ID 71)
Quartz Block (ID 84)
Brick (ID 84)
Link Card Block (ID 152)

Download SecurityCraft-Mod-By-BielGames.zip


Cyborg (27 July 2015 19:19)
Group: Guest
How to apply this?
Cam (21 July 2015 03:48)
Group: Guest
how do you download
Quote: guy
ebony (21 July 2015 03:08)
Group: User
it dosint work!
Monkey5689 (19 July 2015 10:55)
Group: User
How do I get the mods on my iPhone please
guy (19 July 2015 03:55)
Group: Guest

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