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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Factorization mod 3.0 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5

Factorization mod 3.0 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5

This updates all been waiting for a long time - will add to the world of rubber trees, several new mechanisms, as well as new useful items.
I say this once - update still will be exactly. This is not the last.

1.Download and unzip
2.Install texture "textures - ... zip"
3 Install script "factorization 3.0e.js".
4 Finish.
5.If you want to play without wires, you do not perform step 3 and replace with this script "factorization 3.0e - wireless.js"
6 Full description is attached

What's new:
1 Hevea - often generated in the world. Wood sometimes falls latex. Also on tree generated latex stains, which can be collected tap.
2 Latex & Rubber - from the first to the second furnace is obtained. Used to craft wire and rubber helmet.
3 Taps - using it is going to latex from rubber trees trunk.
4 New mechanism - growers Hevea tapom on it Hevea seedling you plant the seedling in it. After about 10 minutes the seedling will grow and become a geveyu top of the mechanism. While the mechanism is under the barrel of rubber trees, then on the trunk will sometimes cause staining latex.
5 Hevea Seedling - growers planted in rubber trees.
6 Wire - now this is a subject that will put a block wires.
7 Rubber Helmet - allow to breathe underwater and 500 seconds. When you wear this helmet under the water, he takes damage. This screen shows how much margin of safety remains.
8 Chainsaw and drill inflict damage.
9 New energohranilische - bat box can contain 40,000 energy can charge items and has a cheaper craft than usual energohranioische to 600000, which is now called the MFE.
10 Can be created in an electric glass.
11 Greatly reduce the amount of mixed ore. Also reduced the probability of generation of iridium.
12 Fixed bugs with the energy it needs to reduce the lag of energy networks. (in the version with the wires too)
13 Mechanisms behind close can exchange energy, to form a network (only in the version with wires)

In 3.1 will be some more fixes, but nothing new will not be added on. Maybe I did not put this version.
But in 3.2 will certainly be an apiary and possibly pants that allow very fast run.

Factorization mod 3.0 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5
Factorization mod 3.0 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5

Download factorization-3.0-pack.zip


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