» » Parkour Mod (+map) for Minecraft PE 0.11.X

Parkour Mod (+map) for Minecraft PE 0.11.X

You will be able to create a parkour maps. Each clay block has been modified to be able to cook a variety of potions with effects. For example, if you stand on pink block, then you jump up.

And if the clay block is light blue, the speed of your character will rise.

Parkour Mod (+map) for Minecraft PE 0.11.X


- /create Parkour
- /blocks

Parkour Mod (+map) for Minecraft PE 0.11.X

Properties of all the blocks:

Light blue: speed

Yellow: slowdown

Lime: nausea

Pink: high jump

Gray: poison

Cyan: restoring health

Green: full health

Red: Kill

Black: spawn

Blue: checkpoint

Download parkourmod.zip


Tommaso Melucco (19 August 2015 14:10)
Group: Guest
i Think it is good
awesome262 (18 August 2015 04:27)
Group: User
How to download the mod
Arian (9 August 2015 12:29)
Group: Guest
Have error downlod and i think it's fake
Ronnie_907 (6 August 2015 20:21)
Group: User
How do you download this?
Jill Smith (2 August 2015 04:27)
Group: Guest
How do you do it
DeathDestroyer21 (28 July 2015 02:40)
Group: Guest
this will be fun

Best mob

Beast mod best mod ever
Braxton (24 July 2015 11:17)
Group: Guest
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