» » Potions and new mob in Minecraft PE 0.11.0

Potions and new mob in Minecraft PE 0.11.0

Awesome news! Jeb showed a screenshot of the effects of most of these potions! These will appear to the right as small icons. For example on this screenshot you can see the effects like "Speed", "Powerful jump", a brand new - "Resistance" and "Poison".

And just because the latter effect, we can say with certainty (even Jeb is confirmed) that the game will be a new mob - Cave Spider! He's a little less than their counterparts, but several times more dangerous! Lives in abandoned mines, does not get stuck in the web and can easily penetrate into the aisles width of 1 a block and a height of half a block. Bite this monster poisons the player who must immediately drink milk! Quite rare.


Mia (17 August 2015 06:45)
Group: Guest
Minecraft is OSAM I love mojang so much
Nathaniel (17 July 2015 22:04)
Group: Guest
I want a speed hack
juan (27 June 2015 10:57)
Group: Guest
Es bueno
nestor (22 June 2015 05:57)
Group: Guest
No se descarga
Luis ricardo camilo (9 June 2015 20:06)
Group: Guest


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