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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE news » Minecraft at X018 and Cats & Pandas

Minecraft at X018 and Cats & Pandas

November 10 was the X018 show dedicated to the world of Xbox, which has long been not limited to gaming consoles. In addition, Minecraft did not stand aside and here is a little about it. Helen Chiang, Minecraft project Head, spoke a bit about the future of Minecraft - the Minecraft: Dungeons development, as well as the successes of the Minecraft partner program.

Minecraft at X018 and Cats & Pandas

Also, the PixelHeads creators were present at the show, who are developing addons for the Minecraft Marketplace. They talked about how they created their studio, being in different parts of the globe. In her presentation, Helen Chiang mentioned several significant events Minecraft had reached:

91 million active players per month;
77 partners who have already provided more than 13 million sales in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft at X018 and Cats & Pandas

Also, a cartoon was shown about the friendship of cats and pandas on the show, which is the cute and unusual announcement of the Village and Pillage update. And just yesterday the 1.9 update came out that presents us to the illagers - download Minecraft BE 1.9 Beta.


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