» » Galacticraft PE and Redstone+ mods by Byteandahalf [0.13.0]

Galacticraft PE and Redstone+ mods by Byteandahalf [0.13.0]

I think many players know Ryan (Byteandahalf), because he has created for us a full Redstone addon for Minecraft PE! But now, when developers officially added the Redstone, Ryan can do other projects. And now he is porting the popular mod for Minecraft - Galacticraft, which adds a lot of new items, blocks and creatures, but most importantly - the opportunity to fly in space and on other planets.

At the moment, Ryan is working on basic files. You can follow the development here. We will publish an addon when will add at least the first things (blocks, objects, etc.).

He also will soon release his addon - Redstone+, which adds to the game red pistons and repeaters, because the developers did not add them in 0.13.


roman (13 April 2016 04:24)
Group: Guest
Hp86 (22 January 2016 00:25)
Group: Guest
Hey ... it's still relevant or development already underway
Pedro (18 January 2016 04:43)
Group: Guest
Muito bom
rio fadila (16 November 2015 18:34)
Group: Guest
Kapan rilease
Otavio23 (15 November 2015 08:24)
Group: User
Viajar para o espa?o, Ryan e mesmo incr?vel, ele devia ser contratado pela Mojang :O

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