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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 0.15.0 » Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0 Build 2

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0 Build 2

Mojang continue to test a new Realms technology and modify features in the game. In the second build of MCPE 0.15.0 was fixed a bug with the connection to Xbox Live, and also added a new option in the game settings - "Smooth graphics."

Minecraft PE Build 2 changes:

Fixed a bug with the connection to Xbox Live.
Added new button in the Realms.
Added the new smooth graphics option in settings of the game.


molar (1 May 2016 12:50)
Group: Guest
Hi i need server minecraft 0.15.0
Thisrty For Redstone (19 April 2016 10:47)
Group: Guest
Just about you tell me that MCPE is add only realm thing and I'm got to sign in for Million of 1000 BC Year then when I'm done sign to start play in hope I'm have what I'm dream for but turn out to be PRANK!!! I'm rushing for nothing, Serve me right... Sorry guy I'm didn't not listening to you and this is what I'm get when I'm too Cocky...
The PvP Master (19 April 2016 06:42)
Group: Guest
They added only realms but the game is not fully updated. It is only realms not 0.15.0. And they will add pistons, horses, and new mobs on the next 0.15.0 update.
Thirsty For Redstone (18 April 2016 18:39)
Group: Guest
Oh really? So why I'm download Minecraft PE AB 2 so easy, I'm guest you guy don't look closely to Rate or Version of Minecraft PE 0.15.0... But anyway I'm hope they Add Book And Quills to write my own diary on Underground Labyrinth so hopefully but I'm greatful what I'm have today... K I'm out boi... Lololololololololoolloolol
ll (18 April 2016 10:10)
Group: Guest
Minecraft 0.15.0 build s news all false
Thirsty For Redstone (18 April 2016 09:14)
Group: Guest
Just type in the Search Bar it's "Minecraft Pocket Edition" And if not appears, try Update Aptoide and try against... I'm already have Alpha Build 2 so don't miss a Betty I'm mean Piston, k I'm out boi... Lololololollolololol xD
Rachmatz (17 April 2016 01:41)
Group: Guest
real guys ! but i have build 1 and im sorry i not give a link sorry for bad english.
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