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New Minecraft v 1.8 (link)

Many fans of the game Minecraft eagerly awaiting the release of the new and improved version of the game. So the long-awaited and improved version of the game will be to taste in May of this year. The new version of the game Minecraft 1.8.1 is another interesting game with blocks.

I should say that the cubes are the foundation of this game. Besides all the characters, trees and animals of this game, also made ​​up of cubes. All blocks of the game have similar features with Lego.

New Minecraft v 1.8 (link)

Creator of a new game again is a company Minecraft Reborn. It should be said that the company was already a beta version of the game.

However, the new version of the game will delight all fans of the entertainment of various improvements and innovations. In the new version of the game Minecraft 1.8. 1 you will notice improved special effects.

Besides that, the game will please every player lovely and improved sound effects. For example, in this game, you can hear the main character throws a snowball. The new game will open up new and unfamiliar part of the game.

New Minecraft v 1.8 (link)

In the new version of the game, the main character will still have to fight with the enemy, who was also created out of blocks. In this game, each player will have a large number of loud explosions and claps. The game can be played in any gamers who loves a dizzying world of cubes.

In the near future, this game should come out on the platform X360. Such a moment please many players in the world. Fascinating and wonderful game Minecraft 1.8 1 has a large number of changes that should be discussed separately.

So developers vshili a new version of the game a new biome generation code, and Enderman. In addition, the new version of the game you can meet new switch angle and speed slider. The new version of the game developers added gorges, large toadstools and randomly generates house.

New Minecraft v 1.8 (link)

Balls of experience in the new game you can get for killing mobs. It should be said that these balls can increase the level of the player. Amanita in this game can grow enormous size due to bone meal.

New game Minecraft 1.8.1. boasts improved engine light, and new crits, which give an additional 50% of the damage. Even in this game, every mob in the fall gets a crit on the player. The new version of the game has the ability to maintain sources of attacks and their variants. Ice in this game can be distributed only to the neighboring areas where there is ice.

Explosions in this game became even more colorful and beautiful. The game added hunger and health bar of the player. Make up the strip should be food that is now connected to the cell.

New Minecraft v 1.8 (link)

Download New Minecraft v 1.8 (link)


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