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Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)

Here is a great lightweight alternative to Minecraft Bedrock Edition that has basic functionality. Its main advantage is that it is suitable for low-end devices and can be run on almost any budget smartphone or tablet. Speaking of features, just remember MCPE; almost everything including even the graphics is similar to the cubic sandbox.

By: Azazun

Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)
Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)
Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)

Survivekz features:

Open cubic world
No restrictions, go wherever you want, discover new lands
Many blocks and objects
Placing and breaking blocks, build anything
Living creatures inhabiting worlds

Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)
Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)
Survivekz (Minecraft PE Lite)

Differences between Minecraft PE and Survivekz:

Simplified graphics, a bit less features
UI is similar to the interface from the first versions of Minecraft
Number of objects reduced
Limited worlds

Thanks to simpler graphics, Survivekz works on almost any device, you can play on devices with 512 MB of RAM and an outdated video chip, but android should be 4.2 or above. In addition, the game is free although there is in-game advertising.


Download Survivekz from GooglePlay
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