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Minecraft PE 1.0.2 - changelog

This is the first update to all devices after the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.0. This version has a wide range of small bug fixes. Yes, there is nothing interesting, but in any case you will play without some errors. Here is a list of fixes and updates.

Endermites will now attack from a distance of 8 blocks. In the previous version endermites can see the player at a distance of 32 blocks.
/locate text command will now work for fortress.
Fixed problem with lingering potion when you could not pour the potion into the cauldron, or take away from it.
The oscillatory animation is fixed.
Horses can raise up blocks in either direction as before.
You create the correct arrow with effects when using potions for crafting arrows.
Fixed a crash when trying to download music (Android only).
Achievements screen scheme will now be displayed correctly (Fire TV only).
Fixed a rare bug that could occur if a large trunk has changed in size after opening.
Enderman will not teleport after death.
Skeletons and Strays will now cause damage depending on the difficulty level and will avoid meeting with the wolves.
Fixed problem when touch control turns off suddenly.
The shells are now working correctly in multiplayer games.
Frames can not be used to duplicate items.
Mobs will not become invulnerable after getting them invisibility potions.
Now players do not fall off when re-entering the game if you put elytra.
Fixed crash when at the time of dyeing the sheep on Realms servers.
Fixed a bug when a player lost the empty bucket.
Wither will now faced with the player deliberately.
Fixed time required to hens to lay their eggs.
And other fixes.

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.2 (Android)
Download Minecraft PE 1.0.2 (iOS)


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