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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft Pocket Edition » Where is the boat, skins in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Where is the boat, skins in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

As you know Minecraft Pocket Edition has been updated to version 0.10.0 has been like a month, but many players are left with the question - "Where is the boat?". The fact is that although Tomasso finished making the boat, but he did not add to this version due to other problems:

Optimization of the game - this is the most important part of this update and the game developers do not want to produce "a game with lags"

At the moment all their forces left to optimize the game for different Android devices, including the new android L (lollipop).

Just did for this reason that the developers did not add new content - boats, skins, the ability to set the texture pack straight from the game, and many other things which were written in the list Tommasso.

Do not worry! After the game by only alpha stage, and eventually in MCPE will be added, and many other things with the Minecraft PC :)


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Edragon28 (6 August 2015 07:42)
Group: Guest
wink I'm excited to try this

I'm so excited to try this
Charles (26 July 2015 19:29)
Group: Guest
How do I get it

how do I get it
Aliya (21 February 2015 18:00)
Group: Guest
Ok I love it but I really want it to come out I want the end winked
Maiya (31 December 2014 19:25)
Group: Guest
I'm on the update 0.10.4 isn't that past 0.10.0 should I have the skin update?

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