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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft Pocket Edition » How to play the Hunger Games in Minecraft PE 0.9.x

How to play the Hunger Games in Minecraft PE 0.9.x

Each player minecraft heard once in my life on this mini-game, as The Hunger Games. It has not been a lot of time from the moment the server appeared minecraft 0.9.x. Tactics of the game The Hunger Games on Android differ from The Hunger Games on your PC.

Plays a significant role resolution of your device. If you play on your phone, at the bottom you have a standard, usually worth 4 slots for items. You can go to the settings of the game and reduce the size of the joystick, so you will have the 5th slot.

How to play the Hunger Games in Minecraft PE 0.9.x

But what do you need for a quality game? In the first place on the Hunger Games, you should find the sword and the food, as food for recovering hearts. You have to find the armor.

But why are we ahead of the game set up the 5th slot? First, while playing important not to frighten the weak opponent and scare the strong, so that the slots should lie just two swords. Wood to attract the weak players and some better sword to repel strong. You still have 3 slots. There best to put the food.

How to play the Hunger Games in Minecraft PE 0.9.x

During PvP, if the enemy threw you into the far distance, grab something and eat until the enemy will go to you. This will replenish your health and will provide an opportunity to go to the enemy almost healthy.

Some people play teams of 2-3 people. They are a serious threat, so it is better for them to follow, and wait until they are slightly diverge. Very comfortable to beat the enemy, if he climbed into the trunk, so you will have the advantage over the 2-3 strike even an experienced player.

How to play the Hunger Games in Minecraft PE 0.9.x

Do not be a long look in the trunk, because the enemy does not sleep. Now, with regards to that deathmatch. Before him, you must restore all hearts, and then take the best sword and defeat the enemy. During the last battle will not use the food, just to seek the enemy.

I hope these tips have been helpful, so good luck with your game!


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