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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.7 » Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7.1 (MCPE 1.7)

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7.1 (MCPE 1.7)

Could you imagine Mojang assigning 1.7 to this version? Surely everyone expected to see an update for MCPE 1.6 and no one could think about the next version line. But everything has already happened and now the new version is called Minecraft PE 1.7. At the moment this is which tells us that developers will release many more beta versions.

By the way Minecraft BE 1.5.3 is the latest release version so if you need a stable game without lags and loss of inventory, then use it. The rest of the players can download Minecraft 1.7 below and check the features themselves, there are not many of them here, but they can be interesting for some.

MCPE 1.7.1 changelog:

Bug fixes
Less crashes

MCPE changelog:

Fixed crashes like previous versions
Fixed a bug during riding pigs in multiplayer
Marketplace bug fixes

MCPE changelog:


MCPE changelog:

Bugfixes including phantoms (now they attack you) and crashed
Blocks.json new features

MCPE changelog:

Bugfixes including new scoreboard

MCPE changelog:

Scoreboard - while in development but you can already give an estimate of how it will look like
Now you can eat in any mode (creative or peaceful does not matter)
New command - /gamerule commandblocksenabled
Now the names of the players are highlighted if you mention them
Use @ to see the names of all players
MarketPlace changes

Download Minecraft BE 1.7.1 (Android)
Download Minecraft BE 1.7.1 (iOS)
Download Minecraft BE 1.7.1 (Win10)
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