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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.5 » Minecraft PE 1.5/1.5.2/1.5.3 - Release [MCBE 1.5.3]

Minecraft PE 1.5/1.5.2/1.5.3 - Release [MCBE 1.5.3]

Quite unexpectedly Mojang decided to release a new beta version and give the number 1.5. We can not say exactly why they did it, because the idea was to get the update 1.3 with all the aquatic features. Anyway, now Bedrock Edition has version 1.5 and all the following updates will follow this path.

In fact, this is more cosmetic update fixes bugs, textures and corrective behavior. Thus, MCPE 1.5 becomes the first global version that can receive the aquatic prefix.

List of changes 1.5:

Dolphins can now lead you to drowned ships if you feed them raw fish
The dead can walk on the bottom
The stages of transformation after entering the water: Husk -> Zombie -> Drowned
Updated boat control buttons, use the W and S buttons
Improved animations and textures
Error correction (more than 50 bugs)

List of changes

The ability to create a conduit underwater and use its effect.
Blue ice is not so slippery anymore.
Bug fixes.

List of changes

Added "Beautiful bubbles" to the game settings.
Playing the creative mode, you can no longer break blocks with a trident.
Fixed aquatic bugs.

List of changes

Multiple Bug fixes.

List of changes 1.5 Phase 2 (

Nintendo Switch players can play Realms.
Added new mobs: sea turtles, the drowned.
Added new items: turtle master potion, nautilus and turtles shells.
Added new achievements.
Many changes and bug fixes.

List of changes 1.5.1 - Release:

Bugs fixed including frequent crashes.


List of changes 1.5.2:



List of changes 1.5.3:

The ability to return inventory if it was lost after the upgrade.
Corrections for servers.

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