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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.19 » Allay Won - New Minecraft 1.19 Mob

Allay Won - New Minecraft 1.19 Mob

Voting is over and now we can welcome a new mob who will be included in the next Minecraft update. So, meet Allay! It honestly defeated the rest of the contenders and, according to plans, will be part of the Minecraft PE 1.19 The Wild Update planned for next year. Follow the link to find out more not only about Allay, but also about other features, among which there are frogs, dark cities and much more.

Who is the Allay?

In a way, it looks like the vex - it can be seen at first glance. However, it does not inherit anything from vex and is an entity in its own right. First of all, allay is a neutral flying mob, which means it's kind to the players.


At the moment, we do not know much about it to say with confidence all the facts and information. From the video, we see its main features, which are as follows: Allay collects items in a nearby radius similar to the one you give it.

How does it work?

To understand on what principle it works, you should give it the item that you want to get in an increased amount. For example, give it a block of stone and after a second allay will start working.

It is unknown how many items allay will collect before returning to you. It probably has two slots, one of which is the sample slot and the other for the items it collects.

Another feature is its love of sheet music. Just play a note on the note block to call allay to you. Perhaps it is the note block that will become the new summoner in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.

So far, this is all that is known for today. The Copper Golem and the Glare failed to win the vote and are sent for the next updates. It is possible that one of these mobs will win later.

Copper Golem

What does it look like?

Allay New Minecraft 1.19 Mob
Allay New Minecraft 1.19 Mob
Allay New Minecraft 1.19 Mob

Download More Facts about Minecraft PE 1.19 - The Wild Update


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Give it
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The kraken

Because the kraken would make the water more scary
Minecraft Dream (18 January 2022 05:30)
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Minecraft urine the west bank account and you type of minecraft Java
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