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Download Minecraft PE Beta

Suddenly, another beta version numbered was released, essentially aimed at one thing - vaults are now in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You are definitely mistaken in thinking that they are the same as regular chests. Check out its features below and go look for them in the dungeons immediately after updating the game.

What is a vault?

The development team has come up with a new block storage for trial chambers, designed for fair distribution of loot in MCBE 1.20. Vault is a chest protected by a lock and storing valuables that any player can receive only once.

Minecraft PE
That is, each player on the server (for multiplayer) can open a vault only once, after which the one becomes inactive for that player. If you play together, then either of you has the right to your own loot, but only once; you will not receive even more things if you return to the vault after a while.

Minecraft PE

How to open the vault?

Use trial keys dropped from trial spawners or loot chests. The key is universal for all vaults generated in trial chambers.

Minecraft PE

Where are the vaults in Minecraft PE?

For now they are only available for trial chambers; It’s impossible to say for sure that we won’t see them in other structures in the form of slightly modified ones.

Minecraft PE vaults
Minecraft PE vaults
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