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Minecraft PE - Customizable Shields

It happened, the first beta version of the Trails & Tales Update has already been released and is presented as a combination of previous and new features that you could see in the Java edition earlier. With this update, both editions have become even closer to each other in terms of technical features and here are some of the features that are ready for testing now.

Custom shields:

This is perhaps one of the few features that have been talked about for a long time. And so, version gave us the ability to customize shields by applying banners to them! You can now combine shields and banners to create custom shields in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Sniffer eggs:

This beta takes sniffers out of experiments and gives them full breeding. Use a torchflower to breed two sniffers, after which you will get a sniffer egg instead of a baby sniffer.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE

Pitcher plant:

In addition to the sniffer, MCPE 1.20 introduces a new plant called the pitcher plant. It is introduced as something that sniffers are looking for tirelessly. Put the found plant in farmland and wait or speed up growth by tapping with bonemeal. Like other plants, it has several growth stages, the last one results in a beautiful plant.

These and other features are available in the full article, check out the detailed changelog if you want to be aware of everything that happened in Minecraft PE

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Jan Paulo Malabanan Alvarez (26 June 2023 01:08)
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Its so good downloader

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