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Minecraft 1.16 with RTX

In addition to new mobs and other features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.16, that beta brought one impressive graphic feature that developers have been talking about for a very long time. RTX is now available for Minecraft Win10 Edition, so anyone who has a powerful enough graphics card and this edition can try playing their favorite game with a completely insane feature comparable to shaders for Minecraft Bedrock.

RTX Requirements:

Firstly, the ray tracing feature is only available for Minecraft for Windows 10 so far and only if you activate it in the Insider Hub. Secondly, RTX works only on a limited series of video cards from Nvidia, so other players can only dream about it. One way or another, if both requirements are met, then you can easily launch Minecraft with RTX right now.

ОS: Windows 10 64bit
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
CPU: IntelCore i5+

Minecraft 1.16 with RTX
Minecraft 1.16 with RTX
Minecraft 1.16 with RTX

How to enable RTX on Minecraft Win10?

RTX or Shaders?

Why do you need RTX if there are ready-made shaders that simulate ray tracing but do not require certain models of video cards? In reality, Minecraft with RTX works by a different mechanism and looks in a different way. With this, you will not find sudden changes in the color scheme, blinding lights and other flaws.

Minecraft RTX
Minecraft RTX
Minecraft RTX
Playing with RTX, you will discover the new Minecraft literally, just appreciate the screenshots of how landscapes and terrain look thanks to the use of RTX. This is not to say whether this feature will appear in Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Android and iOS, not to mention, of course, the next generation of consoles (Xbox X & PS 5).

Nevertheless, you have a choice between dozens of shaders for Minecraft Bedrock on our website and you can easily find a great shader close to the official Minecraft Win10 with RTX.


cedieparugrug (17 April 2022 00:02)
Group: Guest

Jesse Field (15 September 2021 04:17)
Group: Guest
Sorry that was little confusing about, if the shader would work for mcpe v1.16.20... but it says up top that it works for bedrock v1.16.20... but it also says you need win10.. (n idk but isn't bedrock only for consle n pe; java is only PC right)

P.s. if someone could answer my question; it says u need win10.. that's PC right? Bedrock don't work on PC right! So how do y get this shader into mcpe if you can ..?
NUNU (27 January 2021 09:18)
Group: Guest

rehan (16 January 2021 16:24)
Group: Guest
gimana cara nya verifikasikan email

bang gimana caranya downlod rtx on mcpe 1
Carol (7 January 2021 12:26)
Group: Guest
Brooklyn Millet (10 November 2020 21:41)
Group: Guest
It’s so cool but... you didn’t put a download link... 😭😫😔
Wakada (4 November 2020 04:16)
Group: Guest
How to download man
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