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Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The traditional bug fix version is interrupted, MCBE adds a lot of new things that can be seen in snapshots of the Java version. This version, at first glance judging by its number, could only fix the bugs found and remain another corrective game update. But as it turned out, Minecraft is a great update bringing a lot of new blocks, mobs and structure, even emotional feature, all as you like.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Features:

Nether Mobs:

Let's start with the mobs included in yesterday's update. There are two of them and they are from different worlds. The first is a strider already added to Minecraft PC. The second is a zoglin, another mob living in the overworld. All details are in the full post - Minecraft PE

Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Describing the striders, we can confidently say that it is the most lava mob of all. Striders practically live on lava, other surfaces negatively affect their health. Use them to move along the lava.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE
Zoglins are hoglins who once found themselves in the overworld. Do not think favorably, they remained aggressive but their skin color is more like piggy.


Nether Biome:

A new biome came as a surprise, while the developers did not plan to add new ones. Basalt Deltas is the fourth type of biomes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16, the darkest of all and probably the most dangerous for survival. If you decide to go there, then be physically prepared for endless battles.

New blocks of basalt and blackstone are generated there as well as new mobs. This is a fun place if you crave a fight and challenge your swordsman skill.

Nether Blocks:

Blackstone - cobblestone analog in the overworld
Lodestone - point for compasses
Respawn Anchor - in a way it's a bed from the overworld
Warped Stems
Soul Campfire
Chiseled, Cracked and Quartz nether bricks

Other changes:

Everything described above is a large part of the new content from Minecraft PE 1.16. Go to the full article to learn more about the new ruins, ruined portals and more.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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