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Minecraft PE - Capes!

Capes is an individual accessory that was available only in Java before was rolled out. And now, any player can try the capes by putting one free on their character. If you delve into the past, the capes have already been added to Minecraft PE but only working with the help of third-party launchers and auxiliary software.

Which cloaks are available in Minecraft PE 1.14:

In addition to bug fixes, this update introduced the ability to wear the capes. So far you can get only one but in the future the list will expand and replenish with new capes. Probably the system for getting capes will be similar to what the Java Edition has. That is, you can acquire them, receive as rewards.

How to get a Bedrock Cape?

Open MCPE and go to your character’s profile. Then type Cape in the content search and select the first free pack from Mojang. It adds only one cape that you can attach to default characters as well as custom skins.

Minecraft PE - Capes
Minecraft PE - Capes
Minecraft PE - Capes


Inotrobot (17 December 2021 05:04)
Uh How to download 🤨

Please put this too in bedrock edition 😁 im in bedrock edition i dont know how to change it in Java btw how to change bedrock edition into Java
Niana (14 June 2020 17:19)
Group: Guest
How do you get to the first picture???

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