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Download Minecraft Earth 0.16.0 Beta

A new game from Mojang and Microsoft called Minecraft Earth is now available for Android devices! Officially, the game was released only in five cities of the world, but there is no location checking and everyone can play! Note that to play on Android you will need a device with Android 7.0 and above that supports ARCore technology.

What is Minecraft Earth?

Forget about the sandbox on the screen of a smartphone, computer or console. This game is something more that goes beyond the standard video games. This is real virtual reality projected on the surface in the real world. Playing Minecraft Earth, you can scan your room, backyard or any space and build virtual objects there.

Create structures with your friends and expand them many times over. Minecraft Earth allows you to do what used to be considered fiction.

How to start the game?

An Xbox Live account is required to enter the game. Each player has his own profile, where he can customize his skin and manage his inventory. From the main screen, you can go to your inventory, select buildings for construction, add friends and buy finished custom buildings.

Download Minecraft Earth Beta
In construction mode, you can edit existing buildings (in the future it should be possible to create your own). If you get a license verification error, then the problem is solved using Lucky Patcher.

Download Minecraft Earth from Google Play
Download Minecraft Earth 0.2.0 Beta
Download Minecraft Earth 0.16.0 Beta


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