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For-Minecraft.com » MCPE » Minecraft PE 1.3 - Release Date

Minecraft PE 1.3 - Release Date

The new version of Minecraft - 1.3 will not be released in the first half of November, most likely it will be the end of the year - in December. This information is not verified and the date is only assumed based on previous versions and the appearance of Minecraft for other devices. It may well be that MCPE 1.3 will appear early next year.

Honestly, this is not surprisingbecause MINECON Earth will be held soon and developers will find it rather difficult to work at that moment in time to release the new version before November 18. Probably release 1.3 can be expected in the period from December 18 to December 22.

At least for several years now, developers are releasing updates a week prior to the Christmas holidays, and it is possible that everything will happen again this time. In addition, it can be said that Minecon 2017 will be one of the key moments for the demonstration of Minecraft 1.3 Bedrock and Super Duper Graphics Pack.

Well, for now you can see

Minecraft PE 1.3 changelog


supri (2 June 2018 22:11)
Group: Guest
Bagus itu saya suka sekali versi ini
Prime222 (4 April 2018 08:02)
Group: Guest
Buena app tengan buena suerte y gracias a todos
Erlan geming 24 (9 March 2018 21:54)
Group: Guest
Keluarin dong v 1.3

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