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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Toy Story map for Minecraft PE

Toy Story map for Minecraft PE

Huge house, which was created following the example of the cartoon "Toy Story." The house turned out so great - some devices may not be able to display all the walls and will only fog, behind which is the other end of the house. The house itself is two floors. First, you will appear in the nursery boy, where you will find chests and so on. Climb to the second floor will be difficult - have to destroy some parts of the map and complete construction of miniature step.

Toy Story map for Minecraft PE
Toy Story map for Minecraft PE
Toy Story map for Minecraft PE
Toy Story map for Minecraft PE
Toy Story map for Minecraft PE

Download Toystory.zip


sorridente (8 August 2019 17:59)
Group: Guest
Cody (26 November 2015 14:20)
Group: Guest
How do you fucking download or at least give us the seed mi##le fi##er
filthy mouth (14 June 2015 00:17)
Group: Guest
First of all kids, wash your filthy mouth with all that profanity.

Second, you can't download if you have an iphone/IOS.

Lastly, if you have an android, you click download, go to your file system and go to your download folder, extract/move/copy to Minecraft Worlds folder. You can get there from your download folder, to your game folder, to Minecraft folder until you see Minecraft Worlds folder. If you're still having trouble, google will be your best friend... cheers mate.
Kelaz (23 April 2015 16:27)
Group: Guest
How do you download!?!?!??

Hi, how do you fucken download
Suyatmi Sofyan (10 April 2015 10:26)
Group: Guest
Minecraft is good and i like toy Story map
sam (21 March 2015 17:34)
Group: Guest
how do you fucking download

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