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Instahome mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.4

I think that when all that would like to be able to build a house to live in, and especially not to think about right for this material. This mod will do just that and now you will not need to look for some materials to build your future home.

"Instahome" - this much is known mod that adds to the game objects with which you can build a house in one click. The mod adds new items, it's wands. Author mod did not make adjustments to the texture of the game so the blocks to build the house have its texture. But it is not so important.

ID house:

463: Standard House
464: remote home
469: Mini House
470: Removing the mini-house
461: House with cobblestone
462: Removing the house with cobblestone
465: Archer Tower
466 Fountain
467: Lantern
468: Street
471: Mushroom House
472: Fire Road
473-478: Walls (Design castle walls)
483: Instant Spleef
479-482 = Spleef items you get 4 free when using Instant Spleef'ov
484 = Brick House

Download Instahome-MCPE-0.10.4.js


Baongan (26 February 2017 20:05)
Group: Guest
Eugenio (26 October 2015 05:23)
Group: Guest
This mod is awesome

This mod is going to be the best
Man Ao Yuen (8 March 2015 13:00)
Group: Guest
Minecraft pocket edition
Connor (14 December 2014 07:44)
Group: Guest
This is not helpful

This is also sooooooooo stupid

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