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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Modern Mansion Map for Minecraft PE 1.16

Modern Mansion Map for Minecraft PE 1.16

When you're not good at creating modern buildings, maps like this will help you. It is a large three-level mansion, each floor of which is made in a modern style. How many players can it hold? In principle, you can have a party with all the players on the server since the mansion's area allows this easily.

By: ArcStudios05

Architectural solutions and features:

Undoubtedly, this mansion meets all the principles of modern style, even with a helipad. Its cost is estimated at millions but in Minecraft PE it is completely free.

The whole area is divided into levels including a terrace and private area. The sea surrounding the mansion as well as the adjoining pool are the main water reservoirs where you can swim or fish.

Modern Mansion Map for Minecraft PE
Modern Mansion Map for Minecraft PE
Modern Mansion Map for Minecraft PE

Decorative component:

The decoration is complete and each level has its own modern design. You will find spacious spaces furnished with improvised furniture that you can replace with a real one from any decorative add-on for Bedrock Edition.

Modern Mansion Map
Modern Mansion Map
Install any modern pack for example Flows HD with several resolutions as additional textures.

How to install the Modern Mansion Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft PE to import the map.

Download Modern Mansion Map for Minecraft PE 1.16


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