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Plants vs. Zombies Map for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16

This project is more like the official map by Mojang created in conjunction with Plants vs. Zombies addons and texture packs. Through the efforts of LiL Craft YT, the game was recreated and adapted to the conditions of Minecraft Bedrock. As a result of his work, you have a great opportunity to be in the Plants vs Zombies world where plants continue their battle and are not going to give up.

By: LiL_Craft _YT


No, there is no place for improvisation and impromptu, the map is a major creation combining 5 add-ons and a resource pack at the same time so that you can see PvZ in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Plants and Monsters:

• Fume Shroom
• Wall-Nut
• Peashooter
• Snow Pea
• Repeater
• PeaNut
• Puff Shroom
• Scaredy Shroom
• Sunflower
• GreenHouse
• Explosive Seed Packet
• Gatling Pea
• Marigold
• Melon-Pult
• Winter Melon
• Poisonus Peashooter
• Potato Mine
• Grave
• Shadow-Shroom
• Greenhouse
• TokenTrader
• Twin Sunflower
• Sun-Shroom
• Cattail
• Cactus
• Explode-O-Nut
• PhatBeet
• Threepeater
• HypnoShroom
• IceBergLettuce
• Peasant Zombie
• Gargantuar
• Imp
• Wallnut
• Cherry Bomb
• Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

Items and Seeds:

• Sun
• Conehead Token
• Buckethead Token
• Football Token
• Flag Plain
• Flag Dark Ages
• Trowel
• Pylon
• Sunflower Seed
• Peashooter Seed
• Wall-nut Seed
• Potato Mine Seeds
• Snow Pea Seed
• Repeater Seed
• Puff-Shroom Seed
• Hypno-Shroom Seed
• Threepeater Seed
• Fume-Shroom Seed
• Scaredy-Shroom Seed
• Sun-Shroom Seed
• Phatbeet Seed
• Melon-Pult Seed
• Pea-Nut Seed
• IceBergLettuce Seed
• Cactus Seed
• Cattail Seed
• Explode-O-Nut Seed
• Marigold Seed
• Gatling-Pea Seed
• Goo Peashooter Seed
• Winter-Melon Seed
• Wallnut Seeds
• Cherry Bomb Seeds

Plants vs. Zombies Map for Minecraft PE
Plants vs. Zombies Map for Minecraft PE


Since Minecraft PE is a 3D video game, the Plants vs. Zombies Map tries to repeat the original gameplay as accurately as possible. You will start on a small platform opposite the battlefield. Before you are empty positions in which you can place your plants.

Plants vs. Zombies Map
Plants vs. Zombies Map
Before playing, check out the entities from the additional add-ons that come with the map. And get ready for the waves attacking sequentially as if you were really playing Plants v Zombies.

How to install the Plants vs. Zombies Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported.

Download Plants vs. Zombies Map for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16


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