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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Only 1 HP Map for Minecraft PE 1.14

Only 1 HP Map for Minecraft PE 1.14

This is the most hardcore map you could ever see. It was created and updated for MC Bedrock 1.14 so you can check yourself by playing on the current version and not finding bugs. The whole concept of the map is in one single attempt that is given to you after each start. You can fall, be melted or pricked by a cactus only once, after which the level will start again.

By: Scerri

How to play if you have only half heart?

The first and last attempt is the main feature. The levels are designed so that the player is always surrounded by dangers in the form of lava, a height sufficient for death, even cacti which in a normal game do not represent mortal danger are now your deadly enemies.

Playing Only 1 HP, any object, even the most harmless, can be your last.

What do you need to do?

The item you should find is a button. It is not hidden, you only need to get to it by jumping on the block bridge, passing through mazes or doing what you are used to doing in droppers. When you successfully complete the entire level, you only need to tap the button, which is a teleport to the next.

Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map
Only 1 HP Map

How to install the Only 1 HP Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported.

Download Only 1 HP Map for Minecraft PE 1.14


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