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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Random Block Map for Minecraft PE 1.14

Random Block Map for Minecraft PE 1.14

This will be your most unpredictable survival in Minecraft Bedrock Edition of all time playing. In ordinary survival, there are no such random objects like the lucky block, which is an integral part of this map. After a singleplayer, be sure to start joint survival with your friends.

By: Effect99

Lucky blocks Survival:

Do you know exactly how to survive in normal mode? But what if a new unique yellow block appears in MCPE that has caused a lot of noise in the minecraft community? Who has never seen a lucky block should keep in mind that its effect is not comparable with any other vanilla blocks, even if you build a large mechanism with random reactions.

Random Block Map for Minecraft PE 1.14
Random Block Map for Minecraft PE 1.14
Random Block Map for Minecraft PE 1.14

Lucky Block Transformation:

When surviving, you will often use lucky blocks to get useful items (according to your expectations). In reality, everything can be the other way around - a broken lucky block can turn into lava under your feet and you will die. In another situation, you will fall into the trap, and with a high probability you will face a boss or a crowd of opponents.

How to survive?

This is a very difficult question, because you can die at any time without even going to other dimensions. Break lucky blocks and hope for the best.

Crafting Lucky Block:

The recipe differs from the original one in that a chest is used instead of a dispenser.

How to install the Random Block Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported.

Download Random Block Map for Minecraft PE 1.14


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