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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Small Custom World Map for Minecraft PE

Small Custom World Map for Minecraft PE

How do you usually start your new game? Is this the standard generation or can it be a seed? It will be much more interesting if you download a custom world created for excellent survival. It is completely different from the vanilla generation, this is simply impossible to see in Minecraft Bedrock.

Differences are large and multifaceted structures in the form of trees, mushrooms and other plants as well as the landscape itself, which are uniform layers with harmoniously located lakes and rivers.

Small Custom World Map for Minecraft PE

What is a custom world?

First of all, this is a more diverse world created without the participation of the original game scripts. This world is a creation where you can survive and extract resources as before.

The presented world is much nicer but has a big disadvantage for travelers. The custom world is small and there is a wasteland beyond its borders where there is practically nothing to do.

Download Small Custom World Map for Minecraft PE


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