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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Hobbit Hut Map for Minecraft PE

Hobbit Hut Map for Minecraft PE

The latest middle-earth mod was published a long time ago and supports outdated versions of Minecraft PE, but you can get a small particle of the lord of the rings by using this map. Here is a real hobbit hut located next to the water near the forest.

By: ZOROslender

This is a very peaceful place where you can enjoy the singing of birds and tranquility. There are no wars and cruelties, hobbits live very peacefully and only sometimes fight after feasts. You will be given one of the hobbit huts. It is built in a small hill, so instead of a roof there is an earthen hat. There is growing grass and trees, and walls and windows cover the outside.

Hobbit Hut Map for Minecraft PE
First of all, hobbits are very small creatures. Their height is even lower than Steve, so you will live a bit cramped here. But even the narrowness does not violate the comfort of this house.

Download Hobbit Hut Map for Minecraft PE


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