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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Modern Style House for Minecraft PE

Modern Style House for Minecraft PE

Many different modern house ideas were offered to you, but you could not choose the one that would suit you in all aspects? Then consider this one located on a plain next to mountains and a small waterfall. In Minecraft PE, the most popular houses are either medieval or modern, the rest attract much less attention.

By: SkyGames

This mansion belongs to the present time when panoramic windows and several colors with unusual patterns are actively used. Looking from above, the house looks more like a cube, very compact but roomy. It has everything you might need for ordinary human needs.

If you are experiencing a shortage of furniture and want to see real chairs, sofas and consumer electronics, then download the Nako Furniture Mod and get over 50 new furniture accessories.

Download Modern Style House for Minecraft PE


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