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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Chemistry in Minecraft PE 1.2.20

Chemistry in Minecraft PE 1.2.20

Initially, chemistry was a part of Minecraft Education Edition but thanks to the active development and wishes of many players, the developers added a limited list of items and chemistry functions to MCBE This is the first beta that will allow you to touch new mechanisms, recipes and things based on chemistry and physics.

Chemistry in Minecraft PE 1.2.20

So far, mechanisms like the chemical crafting table and other things do not have ample opportunities as in Minecraft PC version, but you can already touch amazing things right now. Thanks to the new crafting recipes, you can create potions and adaptations that allow you to do something that can not be repeated with the help of command blocks and redstone.

Chemistry in Minecraft PE 1.2.20

Many features have been shown on the World of Chemistry map which you can also download. To see the chemistry and everything connected with it, you need to activate experimental gameplay available in MCPE version 1.2.13 and newer.

Download Chemistry in Minecraft PE 1.2.20


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