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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Snowy Spleef map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.2+

Snowy Spleef map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.2+

Spleef is a genre where every player should only think about his life, there is no team game. The bulk of these maps has strict rules that can not be violated. For example, you can not attack other players during the game, but not here. Snowy Spleef allows absolutely everything: beat opponents, throw snowballs at them and move as fast as possible.

Snowy Spleef map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.2+

During the gameplay, the floor underfoot will disappear and players will fall down which were in that place. To prevent other players, you can attack and push them from the ground. Fallen players are considered losers, so only one survivor will be the winner.

The arena is automated, the control is in the spawn. Use it to restart the map or add new players to the game.

Download Snowy Spleef map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.2+


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