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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 18194 Fireworks map (MCPE 1.2)

18194 Fireworks map (MCPE 1.2)

Do you want to see a grandiose fireworks consisting of 18 thousand prepared rockets? Then install this map and make just one tap, after a moment the sky of your world will shine in different colors. This is an amazing sight especially when the sky is black and the moon is not visible. But be prepared for the fact that your device will go crazy, because to run such a number of rockets you will need a very powerful device capable of withstanding this test.

18194 Fireworks map (MCPE 1.2)
18194 Fireworks map (MCPE 1.2)

The map works only on Minecraft PE 1.2, download it and select this map. It is advisable to turn off applications consuming a lot of memory and also to reduce additional game parameters. All the fireworks will be blown up within a minute and it will be an excellent test of your smartphone.

Download 18194 Fireworks map (MCPE 1.2)


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