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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Giant House (Minecraft PE 1.1.4+)

Giant House (Minecraft PE 1.1.4+)

This map includes a huge house where all the items are simply gigantic or rather, you were reduced to the size of an ant. You have to go through ten parkour levels: climb the stairs at high altitude, jump on small blocks and look for the path to the next level. You are spawned in a huge room where you find interior and household items. A bed, a furnace, a chest and other things are a great place for parkour, for example you can climb inside the furnace and get to the top shelf.

Giant House (Minecraft PE 1.1.4+)
Giant House (Minecraft PE 1.1.4+)

The Giant House map is perfectly prepared for multiplayer games with friends or for installing on a server. Perhaps you've heard of the Ant-Man addon that can increase or decrease your character dozens of times, try to cheer your friends with it.

Giant House (Minecraft PE 1.1.4+)
Giant House (Minecraft PE 1.1.4+)

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