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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Mega Skyblock map (MCPE 1.1.4+)

Mega Skyblock map (MCPE 1.1.4+)

Surely you've already seen skyblocks like this one where the primary goal is survival. Do not relax ahead of time and do not think that survival in this place is a very simple matter. You will spawn on a tiny island with a minimum of resources, the island's base consists of only 21 blocks. Looking at the distance you will see a lot of other dissimilar islands. There are chests, villagers and resources that are most important on this map.

Mega Skyblock map (MCPE 1.1.4+)
Mega Skyblock map (MCPE 1.1.4+)
Mega Skyblock map (MCPE 1.1.4+)

Mega Skyblock features:

There are 14 islands with almost the same area.
Chests with loot
Surprises are hidden inside the islands
Villagers for the exchange of important items
Each map update adds new islands

Download Mega Skyblock map (MCPE 1.1.4+)


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