» » TARDIS map (PE 1.0.6+)

TARDIS map (PE 1.0.6+)

Do you know about the phone booth that move you in time? Download TARDIS map and go inside the phone booth, after which you will appear in a huge room with mechanisms. The entire location consists of several floors and also levers are located in some places that activate different functions. Of course, TARDIS does not allow players to teleport to any part of the map. To do this you need to download Tardis mod where you will get Sonic Screwdrivers, Time Vortex and other items and features.

TARDIS map (PE 1.0.6+)
TARDIS map (PE 1.0.6+)
TARDIS map (PE 1.0.6+)

Download TARDIS map (PE 1.0.6+)


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