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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » De Dust Counter Strike map for Minecraft PE

De Dust Counter Strike map for Minecraft PE

Another CSGO map but this one is very accurate and has additional features. You will be surprised, here even the distance between the main parts of the map is almost the same as in the original. In addition to the usual arena for combat, there is a store where you can buy weapons (so far only awp). Unfortunately here there is no money and an accumulation system, but perhaps something like this will be added later.

De Dust Counter Strike map for Minecraft PE

You will appear at the point where you want to select the team. Call your friends as much as possible, but preferably not more than 9, otherwise the game will turn into a real war. In addition to a single mode, this map is excellent for multiplayer and PvP servers. If you have a MCPE server, try to move the map to your server.

De Dust Counter Strike map for Minecraft PE
De Dust Counter Strike map for Minecraft PE

To better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game, install the CS: GO Texture Pack which adds some weapons. During the game it is forbidden to break blocks or use cheats. The team that kills all the players of the opposing team wins. The number of rounds must be set by the administrator or the judge.

Download De Dust Counter Strike map for Minecraft PE


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Marvel Roya (3 April 2017 23:15)
Group: Guest
I would like to have the map

I would like to have the map please notch

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