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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6

PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6

Have you ever played pixel art with a countdown? PixelArt Challenge will make your brain work and check the memory of each player in Minecraft PE. You will appear in a dark place, in front of you there are 3 screens each of which occupies 36 blocks. On these screens there will appear pictures constructed from completely different blocks. Your task is to remember the images shown and build them again on a clean screen. This kind of genre trains visual memory and attention to detail.

PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6
PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6

How to start the game?

After the spawn, you will see several buttons that are responsible for some functions. For example, you can create your own pixel art and call a friend so that he tries to remember the picture and build a copy. Or you can also go to the usual game in which the author of the map has already prepared for you different art.

PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6
PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6

The PixelArt Challenge map works with command blocks, so at any time it is possible to start over. You only have 15 seconds before the picture disappears.

Download PixelArt Challenge map 1.0.6


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