» » NEXHACK v2.4.7 for Minecraft PE 0.10.X

NEXHACK v2.4.7 for Minecraft PE 0.10.X

«NexHack 2.4.7" cheat can operate in a single game, and in multiplayer. «NexHack 2.4.7" has a weak functional, but it will greatly assist in a multiplayer game, because if the server is connected to the possibility of PvP, you can be killed.

With the help of «NexHack 2.4.7" can increase the health, hitting other players.

In addition, you can enter special commands for the purchase of diamond blocks, sabers, lava, murder one blow, change game mode.

The new «NexHack 2.4.8" will be a lot of interesting innovations that complement the capabilities thoroughly «NexHack 2.4.7".

Functions NeXHack'a:
Login - entrance.
Register - Registration.
Add Saber - issuing saber.
Add Lava Buckets - issuance of 64 buckets of lava.
Give Diamonds - issuance of 64 diamond blocks.
PvP Regen - replenishment of life impact of the enemy.
Criticals - killing with one blow.
Creative / Survival - Change game mode.

Download 15_NeXHack.zip


Brajan (17 February 2016 09:43)
Group: Guest
stone (17 February 2016 06:39)
Group: Guest
Your mod was copied by ryouki!
Your right is violated by him!
TheDemonsteur06 (20 September 2015 21:55)
Group: Guest
Bien !
gabriel (15 April 2015 17:34)
Group: Guest
Dog9dog8 (8 February 2015 23:03)
Group: Guest
I need this mode

I need this mode

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