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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » PVP Advance for Minecraft PE 0.10.4/0.10.0

PVP Advance for Minecraft PE 0.10.4/0.10.0

«PVP Advance» will allow you to set up your surveillance of the victim in Minecraft - Pocket Edition.

Works in multiplayer.
HP victims the opportunity to watch [do not work in multiplayer].
The opportunity to watch the coordinates of the victim.
AirView: See where your victim.
Victim Detector: warns you if the victim is nearby (experimental!)
Riding on the victim: works in both single and multiplayer.
The first track events in the history of the game!
Fully automatic! : Just use a single command and hit someone, to begin pursuit!
Undetectable: Servers can not locate this mod! (In addition to riding mode)
Useful and advanced: but programmed in plain language: ModPE!

PVP Advance for Minecraft PE 0.10.4/0.10.0
PVP Advance for Minecraft PE 0.10.4/0.10.0

Download PVP-Advance-Mod-MCPE-0.10.4.js


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XxROYUKOxX (1 March 2017 00:13)
Group: Guest
I will kill them hackers

I will kill them
Mohmad1234 (19 February 2015 10:59)
Group: Guest
This mode is so Great!!!!!

How to download It?

I find it
Lancrafter (5 January 2015 11:02)
Group: Guest
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