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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Aerox Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12.1/1.13

Aerox Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12.1/1.13

Those who meet a hacker with this hack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition need to be especially careful. Although it has a standard set of functionality and options, Aerox Hack is able to spoil the mood of honest players who do not use and have never used cheats on MCPE servers.

By: Aerox

You probably know that the use of cheats can not only upset the rest of the players on the playing field, but also lead you to the fact that you will be permanently banned.

What can the hack do?

This is not an individual but rather a standard set that has been used for a long time in other hacks for Minecraft PE. Aerox Hack may seem quite convenient thanks to the compact menu in the upper left of the screen and the correct placement of controls.

How to use the hack?

You must have installed Minecraft PE version 1.12.1 or 1.13 with BlockLauncher that can be found on our website. Next, import the hack using BL and start the game by joining the server. The main cheat menu is on the left, click on sections to see options.

Aerox Hack for Minecraft PE
Aerox Hack for Minecraft PE
There are familiar sections: Combat, Movement, Player, Keybinds, NDGlide, Scraffold. Each contains an entire list of features running on almost any server. Most of all, Aerox Hack is suitable for mini-games with a lean on PvP. Aimbot works fine but it can be detected if you do not want to be banned.

How to install the Aerox Hack?

1. Download the file and unpack it.
2. Download the suitable version of BlockLauncher to intall the cheat.
3. Open BL and import the hack (.js) (ModPE section).
4. Restart the game and join the server.

Download Aerox Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12.1/1.13


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