» » Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock (Win10)

Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock (Win10)

This is the second full-featured hack for Minecraft PE on Windows 10 which can ruin the gameplay of other players on the server where you play. First important: the Horion Hack only works on Minecraft Bedrock Win10, it has an .exe extension and directly affects the game. But before you install it, know that unfair play is a ban in most cases and you can no longer play on your favorite server.

By: SubwayZ

Functionality [hot key]:

Rainbow Sky [N]
Step [B]
Phase [I]
Glide [U]
Tracer [R]
Jetpack [F]
Killaura [P]
Aimbot [M]
Airjump [G]
Freecam [V]
ChestESP [H]
TriggerBot [K]
BowAimbot [C]
EditionFaker [X]
NoknockBack [J]

Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock (Win10)
Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock (Win10)

How to run and use the cheat?

The installation is shown in the video. This is a German hack that combines many features in one file. You need to run the exe file and then start the game. After you will see the panel on the right on the screen where all the features and hotkeys are listed. Use them wisely and do not overdo the otherwise immediate ban.

Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock
Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock
Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock

Download Horion Hack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11


no (15 May 2020 09:55)
Group: Guest
Guest carlos (24 April 2020 10:52)
Group: Guest
miguel (15 April 2020 15:17)
Group: Guest
horion hack por favor
BariPlayzYT (11 December 2019 04:38)
Group: Guest
Bro mcpe 1.14 is out and pls update horion client so I could do a review!! Tell it to the developers and the owners of HorionClient.
Trambled (3 November 2019 14:34)
Group: Guest
It crashes in the new update cant play it anymore

Please update
Sato Ramu (2 November 2019 06:01)
Group: Guest
Version 1.13 crashes the moment you start up. I'm Japanese, so there may be strange translations
etywety (29 October 2019 20:45)
Group: Guest
You can press the insert button to get it back, or re download the hack

press the button on the GUI called "x-ray" to get xray
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