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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

We will not tell you how bad it is to use Minecraft PE cheats and why fair play is much better than hacking. We give you the opportunity to download and evaluate this hack which has a small but useful list of functionalities used on servers. Mostly, the majority is looking for Aim and it is here as well as a few other features that are discussed below.

By: nerounforyou

Of course, there are other more functional cheats for MCPE, but Extreme Hack positions itself to a mini-cheat only with those things that are most often used by hackers on servers.

Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE 1.2+)
Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

Extreme Hack contains:

<FakeOp> - Get fake OP
<Glide> - Walking on water
<HitBox> - Kill aura & Aim
<FullBrightnes> - Night Vision

Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE 1.2+)
Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

How to activate the cheat?

Enter the /menu command in the chat and then the function you need. To deactivate, do the same or restart the game.

Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE)
Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE)
Extreme Hack (Minecraft PE)

How to install Extreme Hack?

2. Tap on the gear wheel
3. Then select ModPE Script and add js file

Download Extreme Hack for Minecraft PE 1.2+


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