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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)

AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)

AlphaHack is one of the most functional hacks for Minecraft PE and at the same time it's quite old due to what errors are very rare here. This cheat has many functions existing in almost all popular hacks. You can teleport, use x-ray, change run speed, activate hyper jumps, spawn mobs and activate many other functions (see below).

Official page

All functions work in single player mode but there is a warning. If you want to test some functions on servers, then all responsibility falls on you. Your account can be blocked at any time, especially while using wallhack or fly modes.

AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)
Added Light version. This option is suitable for singleplayer or Realms better than the standard version of the hack. This is due to the fact that the light version does not contain auto-update and other functions that work with the Internet.
Almost all features are available for you, only some functions have been removed specifically to improve game performance and minimize lags.

AlphaHack main functions:

Aim Aura
Speed Hax
StorageESP & Chestesp
Instant break
Ice walk
Highter Jumps
Spider mode
Auto Sword
Low Health action
Spawn Menu
Nuke Menu
Change time
Bunny hop
Spam mods
Flight mods
Player/client mods
Chat fonts
No knockback
Unban features

AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)
AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)

Some features:

After installation of the AlphaHack, new buttons and a mini-map showing your coordinates will be displayed on the screen. There is a settings menu where you can change the display settings. In addition, the x-ray button instantly allows you to see precious ores or underground tunnels. The activated function is displayed in the chat, do not forget about it.

AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)
AlphaHack for Minecraft PE (+Realms)

Download AlphaHack v2.0 for Minecraft PE
Download AlphaHack v2.0 (LITE) for Minecraft PE


aliali (28 October 2023 01:16)
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That good
Guest Omer (26 January 2022 07:07)
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ZEK GAMING (16 October 2020 16:45)
Group: Guest
Cit hek menu
hjjuuy (24 July 2020 06:42)
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Joantan (17 November 2019 07:41)
Group: Guest
Minecraft eu hack 2000%
R (18 August 2019 07:30)
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Yassine (17 July 2019 01:19)
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Aifked dodbbe
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